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Rs. 500.00

24x7 Railways Virtual Assistant Service

Your assistant when you travel in train Our Railway Assistant service brings you a service in which you can travel with full peace of your mind.An assistant working for you 24 hours a day!

All train/bus/hotel bookings, cancellation will be handled by our team, 24x7, 365 days a year.

Just call us, we’ll do the rest.

Trave in peace in bus, flight & car travel.

This covers:

  • Unlimited train ticket bookings/cancellations
  • All train, route, PNR etc enquiries answered by us over phone to you.
  • Running train information shall be updated to you by phone, SMS
  • Urgent reminders like Birthday reminders will taken care by us
  • All bill payments shall be taken by us
  • Additionally bus, hotel, flight booking cancellations also shall be taken care

    Car travelBus travel


Plan-D Plan 24X
Price Rs. 500/week Rs. 1000/week
Max people 1 Family(7 max) 1 Family(10 max)
Train Enquiry & Reservation Yes Yes
Hotel Booking Yes Yes
Flight Booking Yes Yes
Bus/Taxi Booking Yes Yes
Full Phone Support Yes Yes
Bill Payment Service No Yes
Birthday Reminders No Yes
Any other appointment booking No Yes
Message Alarms No Yes

Beyond our fixed service charges, all other cost borne on your behalf shall need to be paid in full in advance by you.

For example if you've purchased the Plan-1 then we'll provide all our service within 9am to 6 pm service for free for full 1 week. If we book tickets on your behalf, the ticket or hotel costs need to be paid in advance.


Any excess money left after expiry of service plan shall be refunded to you without any deductions within 10 days. But it depends. If we get refund of ticket cancellation after 30 days, then only we will refund it back to you.

How to use our service

After your service starts, just call us at 089580 42951 within stipulated timings and let us know what our help you need. We'll keep you updated of our support. But have your order number ready for verification.

How many people are allowed

Our plan is for single family only(with no more than 7 members). Beyond that additional plans need to be purchased so that we can provide our service to all of your team.

How can you trust us

Thousand's have sent MO/Speedpost through us. Moreover you are welcome to try us and start with only small amount and see how we provide our service to you. Flight travel


  • We book train tickets using agent id only so unless you provide us your ID proofs we will not be able to book train tickets from our account.
  • You'll need to call from your phone for any sort of communication & support

Call Now 089580 42951

Price: Rs. 500.00

Please select a Virtual Assistant Service plan

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