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Consultancy Services Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

→This FAQ is NOT for Legal Consultancy services(where a qualified lawyer will be answering)

Don’t forget to read our Common FAQ first.

  1. Question: What is the procedure to order your Advisory services?

    Ans: Fill in your question Title & Details of your question and then checkout.

  2. Question: When will I get reply for my question?

    Ans: In 3-4 days.

  3. Question: Who will answer our question?

    Ans: It will be answered only by Agents on our rolls with more than 10 years of experience in providing consultancy to general public.

  4. Question: Can I have more details about the agents on your rolls?

    Ans: As of now we are not providing any information beyond their experience.

  5. Question: Mine is a trivial question. Can I order your consultancy services?

    Ans: Don’t do it. Come to us only after you have made exhaustive attempts to search answers for your questions from all sources.

  6. Question: Why not?

    Ans: If you still decide to ask, we will oblige. But no one in the world would like to pay for advisory services irrespective of the quality of consultancy services we provide to you. We don’t want unhappy customers. We want to avoid such situation.

  7. Question: I’ve not received the reply even after 4 days, what should I do?

    Ans: We’ll refund your money as consultancy services are in Beta phase, that is, we can stop these services at any time. You’ll get full refund if these services have been dropped.

  8. Question: My question is very complicated, it’s very difficult to word it or due to some reason I will not be position to write it – what should I do?

    Ans: Please avoid this question with us.

  9. Question: My passport issue needs urgent attention, what can you do in this regard?

    Ans: If you need answer earlier than our said service time period, please don’t use our services. Currently we don’t provide any Express service for consultancy services.

  10. Question: Can I directly talk to your agent on your roll, for better communication?

    Ans: No. But indicate this issue in “Order Comments” while at checkout. We currently provide only offline Advisory service.

  11. Question: I’m not at all happy with your reply for my question, my query hasn’t been answered at all.

    Ans: Raise a support request. We’ll be happy to redress all your issues.

  12. Question: The reply I received contains only single word – “Yes”. Single word answer is all I get for your fees?

    Ans: Only if it’s a suitable answer to your question.

  13. Question: Can you answer any question?

    Ans: If we don’t understand your question, or if can’t answer to your satisfaction, we’ll cancel your order and give you full refund. Even if we come to know that we can’t satisfy you we can still choose to give full refund and cancel your order.

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