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How to send letters online using India Post Service(ePost)

-- by Prem Prakash Gupta


Writing letters or sending telegrams or sending a gift packet in India for many years was associated with the professional services rendered by India Post. India Post is a government service enabling people throughout India to communicate to each other via written letters, or instant telegram messages or send money using the Money Order services. Even today, many of the Indian enactments recognize postal service of notices to the counter party as valid service of the information.


However, with the globalization of many services and e-services taking the primary stage in communication of messages, the services of India Post took a backstage. Many started communicating via SMS or phone calls or e-mail messages, thus reducing the burden of India post to a large extent. Many times, the suburbs of India are not connected to the internet and the lack of internet services has deprived many from receiving messages on time, given the delays conventional postal services. People living in remote villages of India, who are not connected to Internet, now can use the e-services launched by India Post as an alternative.

To revolutionize the services, India Post came up with a novel concept named “Epost” wherein the users can send or receive letters or messages/communication via the electronic devices.
ePost is a service that makes use of electronic technology wherein the Post offices sends the messages in soft copy and the receiver will receive the message in hard copy. The charges are reasonable, and are fixed at Rs 10/- per page. Sending letter online has never been so easy especially when the either sender or receiver or both do not have the internet connection facility.

Of the any features of ePost, the prominent ones can be listed as that he user can send multi lingual, pictures, images and the like using the scanning technology. Currently, in India, more than 2700 Post offices are upgraded with the facility to provide ePost services and attempts are being made to facilitate this service throughout the country.
Salient Features

By using the ePost prepaid card, the user can send letter online even if both sender and receiver are not connected to the internet. Post offices are  allowing booking of ePosts to write a letter online to near & dear ones. The messages can also be given in a pen drive.
The source Post office converts the message into e-format and sends it to the destination Post office (or the nearest one) that will then take a print out and deliver the message in hard copy format to the end receiver.

Large corporate can also benefit by using Post service to connect to the customers or stakeholders. All the brochures or notices or advertising material can be sent easily using the ePost service. Corporate organizations are also provided with discounts for bulk posting of e-messages. They can draft, modify, design and send their material suiting their business pattern thus reaching out to many customers as against the customer reach that is possible via the traditional Postal services.

In a nut shell, the process of availing ePost services can be enlisted as:

  1. The user should provide the message along with the recipients address/ email to the post office. Also ePost provides the facility to write letter online which makes communication simpler and easier.
  2. Or make use of prepaid post card that costs Rs 6/- per card and mention his message there. There is no refund if the user does not use the prepaid post card fully.
  3. Also, the user can provide a soft copy of the message (A4 size papers) in a pen drive or otherwise.
  4. The Post office charges Rs 10/- per page per recipient
  5. Then, the details are fed into the system of the Post office. The recipient’s Post office takes a hard copy print out of the message and delivers it to the recipients address.
  6. If the message is undelivered, the Post office returns the message to the sender.
  7. One can either approach the nearest Post office or log on to to avail the ePost services.
  8. The India Post offers special discounts to corporate users.


The messages can be sent in a faster, better and cheaper way by using the ePost service. The unusual delay in sending messages via traditional methods is addressed in this revolutionary model.

India Postal services which was restricted to the geographical boundaries of India has crossed the Indian frontiers with the advent of ePost service. The ePost service is capable of delivering messages across the globe from India. The messages, if sent outside India will be delivered in electronic mode only (not as hard copy). If the recipient’s address is in India, then the message will be sent as hard copy.


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