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How to Send Letter Online using India Post ePost Service

Do you know you can also Send Letter Online with Utilities India?

How to send letters online using India Post Service(ePost)

-- by Prem Prakash Gupta


Writing letters or sending telegrams or sending a gift packet in India for many years was associated with the professional services rendered by India Post. India Post is a government service enabling people throughout India to communicate to each other via written letters, or instant telegram messages or send money using the Money Order services. Even today, many of the Indian enactments recognize postal service of notices to the counter party as valid service of the information.


However, with the globalization of many services and e-services taking the primary stage in communication of messages, the services of India Post took a backstage. Many started communicating via SMS or phone calls or e-mail messages, thus reducing the burden of India post to a large extent. Many times, the suburbs of India are not connected to the internet and the lack of internet services has deprived many from receiving messages on time, given the delays conventional postal services. People living in remote villages of India, who are not connected to Internet, now can use the e-services launched by India Post as an alternative.

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