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Passport Consultancy

Do you have issues with your Passport? Is it stuck somewhere? Name to be changed? etc.

Don't waste your time in searching information. You must go first by Indian bureaucratic rules rather than Passport Act rules. Read more

Ask our Passport agent with more than 10 years experience in processing Passport applications and interfacing with Passport offices.

Appropriate answer will be e-mailed to your registered e-mailed id. If necessary we can arrange a callback from the Passport agent on our rolls to you. In this case language of communication will be only Hindi or English.

For more information read our Consultancy Services Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).

Download passport forms and useful information here. Visit India govt passport portal.


It too happened with me. My place of birth was changed from U.P. to A.P. in the Passport due to careless Passport agent who filled the form in his handwriting. After 12 years I wanted it to be corrected. Just to evade Passport agent fees to get it rectified( he was charging only Rs. 300) I jumped from here and there. I scanned all FAQ of Passport to change the place of birth. I went to local Passport collection center, called state Passport office( I impersonated as calling from SP Office to get reply). Finally I found the answer. Court's order required for place of birth change in the Passport. Confused finally I went to the Passport agent paid Rs. 300, he simply wrote an application and attached some proof, and it got changed in no time! I wasted so much time in rules and regulation of Passport Act. -RK

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Price: Rs. 350.00
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sir i want renewal my passport ,but i have one doubt, at the time of applying passport my father working in one place, now he was retired and settled in my native place, now how to renewal my passport, what r the required documents plz give me details

thanks &regards

Apply for fresh passport

my birth certificate date was various from school certificate and id cards but passport application ask for birth certificate so how to to apply for passport pls contact ph-8300110172


im rajesh kumar mujhe passport ke liye apply karna hai so please help me

But which one is the correct

But which one is the correct one?


One of my friends is a Christian Female who was brought up in an orphanage. She obtained passport. In the recent past she applied for renewal but the same was returned saying that a COURT ORDER is required. Please do give some information regarding the same.


Yes it'll be required since

Yes it'll be required since she does not have parents and anybody can misuse her and take out of India. bookmarked !

I like , bookmarked for future reference. Thanks.

Passport visa query

I've lost my passport with US visa on it. Will there be Visa related issues if I get a duplicate one? -- Raju
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