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Rs. 200.00

Copy Website and Get it Delivered to Your E-mail id or in a DVD

Website copier

Never try to download website yourself. In 99.9% cases you’ll fail to download it correctly!

We are offering unique facility to download any data/files/website on internet and get it delivered to your e-mail id or in a DVD to your address in India.

How it goes

  • You provide us an URL or web address( which may even point to single file)
  • All the files/data below the specified address will be downloaded. If the URL is website home page whole of website will be copied/downloaded
  • Make an advance payment of Rs. 200 with the web address
  • We check the genuineness of address and also copyright issues if any
  • In case we are unable to process your order, you get back full advance paid
  • Else get back to you for further payment before we process your order
  • We download the data
  • We arrive at exact download data size, our service charges etc and calculate final payment and inform you
  • You make final payment to us( your advance shall be adjusted)
  • We zip it and deliver to your e-mail id or to any address in India in DVD


  • Initially you pay us an advance of Rs. 200 along with web address
  • Flat charges of Rs. 500/GB of download data( minimum of Rs. 200)
  • Service charges minimum of Rs. 250( this depends on our time & labor spent)
  • E-mail delivery(subject to 20 MB limit) : free of charge
  • DVD delivery: DVD(Rs 30) + Delivery by your chosen courier(standard charges apply)

Allowed Sites — how do I know

As a thumb rule, any website content which does not require Login/Password, or say "I Agree" agreements can be freely & legally copied for personal offline browsing. The web address will be checked against our strict data screening policy. Following will be implicitly allowed:

  • Copy of any government website including govt educational institutes
  • Copy of any non-profit organizations/websites like UN website, Wikipedia etc

Disallowed Sites — we do not allow

As a thumb rule any website which allows public to share data, files, music, photos or any copyrighted material free of charge will not be accepted. Following will not be accepted:

  • Any site/content requiring to login or "Accept" any sort of agreement.
  • Warez sites allowing users to share music, ebooks, data, movies, tutorials, photos, executables etc
  • Illegal sites — prohibited by Indian law
  • Data sharing sites — Rapidshare, Hotfile etc
  • Any encrypted data from any site whose legitimacy with respect to copyright can not be verified
  • Any data impugning on privacy of anybody say downloading one's profile/pictures etc

Trimming of your downloaded data

We will scan the downloaded data and before dispatch to you, we will remove the following files:

  • Any music files like mp3
  • Video files
  • zip/rar compressed files
  • pdf files ( this may not be removed)
  • Executables and softwares

Skipped Content

Any content which can be reached only from a page which requires clicking a "Submit" button will not be downloaded by us. This is technical software & human limitation. In programming terminology any page which directed from any button thru "POST" method ( as against to "GET" method) will be skipped and will not be downloaded by us.

Forfeiting your advance paid

If you specify us any web address with explicit copyright/legal or privacy issues knowingly, we will cancel your order and forfeit the amount( Rs. 200).


If we do not process your order we will refund you full Rs. 200 advance paid. Everything else is non-refundable. Please see that we do not have control over the websites which are down, very slow( especially government websites) or may even disallow us to access their web pages( for example Election Commission website: We will not be able to refund your amount once our processing starts. During the time we start downloading the site must be up and responsive.

What content will you get

You will get all the content which can be downloaded and allowed by the remote web server of the specified web address.

Virus Issues

We will not scan the files for virus and malwares.

Terms and Conditions you must agree

You must agree to use the downloaded data only for offline browsing purpose; that is when you want to access a website when live internet connection is not available to you.

Price: Rs. 200.00
A maximum order of 1 is allowed.

All data from this and below this URL will be copied

Tell us what you are looking for, add any specifics or details about downloads

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