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Send Postal Order Online

Attention: Get blank PO delivered to your home, use it anyway you want!

Send Postal Order Online

Save hassle and use our services to send Postal Order(PO) online to anywhere in India.

This is especially useful if you want to send it to get forms/prospectus from Educational Institutions and government organizations.

Please select the required amount, and on whom name it has to be issued.

In case you want to attach some letter, please add to this cart “Send Letter Online” so we’ll send both together in single package/envelope. You can also add text in the back portion of the Postal Order.

Also check the convenient Shipping Modes offered by Utilities India(©).

Advantages of sending thru us:

  • When you visit a post office most likely they will not have the Postal Order forms
  • Also your to/fro transport cost and time is saved
  • You save other hassles of our government offices

Steps to ordering this service

  1. Choose this product and enter the payee name and select the amount
  2. Select the shipping mode( by Speedpost, courier etc) & calculate the shipping charges
  3. Enter the Shipping & Billing details along with special order comments if any
  4. If you want us to deliver to your residence then leave "Payee Name" empty


Also please check the Postal Rates in India
A maximum order of 1 is allowed.
Minimum: Rs. 1.00
Maximum: Rs. 500.00

Enter the Payee Name which will be imprinted on the first line of Demand Draft(DD) or Postal Order(PO)

This text will be written on the back side(for example, your name, contact no. etc)

Rs. 149.00
Utilities India Service Charge(Only for DD/PO)
This is the purchase price of Indian Postal Order at post office


For obtaining Informtion Under RTI

22 Institutional Area, Lodi Road
New Delhi – 110 003

Subject: For obtaining Informtion Under RTI

Estimable Concerned,
With due respect I 'Sourabh Raha' is the member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. I want to obtain the information regarding the status of when the result of the Assistant educational officer will be declared ?The examination for Assistant educational officer was taken place on 21 feb 2012.Please provide me the requisite information in this regard.I am sending postal order of Rs 10 as per the order , vide no. 34012/8(s)/2005-Estt.(B) dated 16.09.2005.I am also agree to pay additional fee if required.

Application for Post 0107(REF: Advertisement No.: CEPTAM-05 )

Please find the Postal Order with reference (REF: Advertisement No.: CEPTAM-05 ).

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