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City Tenant Act

My father rented out the vacant land to Mr. Ramaiah for running business (Un-registered agreement). Later Tenant constructed hut. Now Tenant son Mr. Ganapathy is staying. Without our knowledge he converted into tiled roof. He is not paying the Rent for the last 5 years. His conduct has been against civilian laws usurped my property, misused the resources (cut the trees worth of Rs.40000) within premises and behaved abusively, FIR No164 filed in Devakottai police station. Can I able to evict the person under City Tenants Protection Act for non-paying the rent or misused the resources?
He actually influenced and assessed the irregularity building tax receipts in his name. I fought with municipality and finally canceled the tax. His intention is to grab my property. Is there any way I can able to evict him for against grabbing my property?
If I put Eviction case against him I have to give minimum land (Land size is 10000SqFt and he is using 7200SqFt), in this how much I have to give? Mahatma Gandhi visited the place and named my sister, so I don’t want to give the land to him. Advise me

If you go to court it make

If you go to court it make take many years for you to get his eviction. You should take advisory from 2-3 good lawyers for this matter.

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