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Common Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions specific to products

  • Consultancy
  • Send Information
  • Send Money Online
    • Send Demand Draft(DD)
    • Send Money Order( Please read "Send Demand Draft FAQ")
    • Send Postal Order ( Please read "Send Demand Draft FAQ")
  • Recurring Autopay
    • PPF Autopay
    • Prevent bank account getting Dormant/Inactive
  1. Question: From which location will you be dispatching the couriers?

    Ans:We have kicked off this service from Dehradun(Uttrakhand) and Chandigarh. We are in process of setting up centers across the four major metros in India. So in case of urgent deliveries we suggest you to use any other delivery services rather than ours.

  2. Question: How many days does it take to process the order?

    Ans: 3-4 business days. However specific product may take less or more number of days to process, you will need to check the specific product frequently asked questions page.

  3. Question: What if I made some mistakes in the order?

    Ans: If we come to know of any mistakes, we will refund the amount and cancel the order at once.

  4. Question: I’ve already placed the order, can I modify it?

    Ans: No, although you can request us for cancellation at support [at] UtilitiesIndia [dot] com which would be done if we have not started processing your order.

  5. Question: How many days will it take for my letter/document/DD/Money Order to reach at my shipping address?

    Ans: Once we ship your order, it is not in our hands you’ll have to follow with for example Speedpost, Bluedart or whichever carrier you selected at the time of Checkout.

  6. Question: My courier, money order etc is not delivered till now?

    Ans: e-MO could take 3-4 days, old MO 7-10 days, Speedpost 3-4 days, ordinary letter 20 days, registered post 7-10 days. Learn tracking Speedpost/money order etc online. For any other question about delivery by Indian Postal Dept. please visit their site: In short after delivery our responsibility is "0%". But if we get refund or order is returned, we let you know or refund the money to you(in case of MO/DD).

  7. Question: Will I be given proof of dispatch in case of shippable products?

    Ans: Yes, we will email you scanned copy of dispatch receipt.

  8. Question: What are the payment modes available?

    Ans: If you are transferring money in Utilities India bank account, and you selected a product/service which requires us to print your uploaded document and dispatch to any shippable address then payment by cash may not be acceptable to us. To avoid any inconvenience better deposit the amount using cheque/DD or transfer using bank account transfer or NEFT. If it is payment in the bank account, please reply us in the order email with the details of your payment.

  9. Question: What is your refund policy?

    Ans: Once you have submitted the order, we will not be able to refund you. However if we have not started processing it, you can request us at support [at] UtilitiesIndia [dot] com to cancel the order, then we will be able to give you full refund. Also the refund rules & service charges of following products which are returned undelivered to us from the shipping address(in case the return address is that of Utilities India) :

    • Demand Draft(DD): After deducting DD cancellation charges and Utilities India service charges, remaining amount will be refunded to you.
    • Money Order(MO): After deducting Utilities India service charges, remaining amount will be refunded to you.
    • Pay Order(PO): No refund
  10. Question: What if I have some more questions?

    Ans: There is ‘contact us’ link on our website, select the appropriate category and fill in the question, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  11. Question: What are Recurring Autopay products?

    Ans: Those are the products in which we regularly make deposits into the account you provide as specified by you from a given start date.

  12. Question: What date should we enter into “Fund Transfer Start Date” field in case of Recurring Autopay products?

    Ans: Enter a date at least 10 days before the actual expiry date. Take into consideration that some holidays can fall on/before the actual payment/renewal date. Also we keep some flexibility of +-7 days – that is we can make payment within 7 days before or 7 days after the date you enter. We suggest you enter a date 1 month before the date of expiry.

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