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Send Letter Online FAQ

Don’t forget to read our Common FAQ first.

Please do not send copyrighted material like book pages. Your documents will be thoroughly screened as per our strict Screening Policy

  1. Question: What all documents can I send using this facility?

    Ans: You can send any type of printable document thru this facility. However please note our printing limitations.

  2. Question: I have a word format file on my computer. I want to send a printed copy of which to one my friend. How can I do it?

    Ans: You can upload and send us any printable file, we will print the file on A4(normal size) paper and courier it to your given address. Don’t forget to enter special print instructions for example start page, end page etc. Also check that the total number of pages to be printed and dispatched is same as selected in “Quantity”.

  3. Question: What are the steps in sending a letter/document online?


    1. Count total number of pages(contiguous or noncontiguous) in all of your documents. Select in “Quantity” total pages
    2. Upload up to two documents. If you have more than one then just zip them and upload as single file
    3. Enter detailed print instructions, the pages which will be printed, rotation, shrink instructions etc. To avoid inconvenience please enter correct figure of total number of pages you want to send in “Quantity”
    4. Select the shipping mode
    5. Enter shipping & other details
    6. Review & confirm your order
  4. Question: From which location will you be dispatching the couriers?

    Ans: We have kicked off this service from Dehradun(Uttrakhand) and Chandigarh. We are in process of setting up centers across the four major metros in India. So in case of urgent deliveries we suggest you to use any other delivery services rather than ours.

  5. Question: What will be the return address on the couriers due to my orders?

    Ans: It will be that of Utilities India.

  6. Question: I have a photograph, can I use this service to send it?

    Ans: Yes. But currently only B/W print is supported. Also print instructions may be very specific for a photograph to be printed on A4.

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