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Print Pages Facility & Limitations

All the documents you upload will be printed on a laser printer. It is impossible to correctly print each and every document we receive. Here are the details of printing facility here at Utilities India(©).

Please remember you can always let us know your preferences in “Order comments:” at the time of checkout.

Current Printing Limitations

  • A4 page size supported
  • Single sided print
  • Laser printer will be used for printing at a suitable DPI
  • Black & White prints
  • The pages may be shrink/cut-off/manually adjusted while printing if document pages do not fit in A4 page.
  • Not all fonts supported( the document may be printed with different font)
  • Not all document formats supported( Supported: doc,docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, gif ,jpg, png and most of other widely used formats)
  • Our staff must be able to read your document to verify the legitimacy of the content with respect to copyrights etc. We currently support documents in English & Hindi.
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