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"Divorce Procedure & Laws for Hindus in India"

-- by Prem Prakash Gupta


Divorce is a legal procedure whereby the married couple decides to separate and break all the vows that were taken during the sacred ceremony of a marriage. In India, divorce is still a taboo and is looked upon as a social stigma especially for women who take the step for divorce. Many a times, Hindu women in India resort to suicide or compromise in their marital life rather than opting divorce.

The procedure for divorce in India for Hindus is a long process, and somewhat tedious, given the numerous loop holes in the legal enactments. Mainly, the Hindu Marriage Act is framed to address the divorce related issues relating to the Hindu community in India.

First and foremost, the couple is usually advised to keep the marriage and if things don't work out, then they go for divorce. Many a times, divorce in Hindu communities is looked upon as an empowerment to women to come out of the domestic abuse. In a recent article on yahoo.com, the writer mentions that the increasing rate of Indian divorces is the only measuring scale for women empowerment in India. Though this statement was widely contested and criticized, Hindu divorce is definitely a way out for women who are unable to cope with the pressures of domestic problems that may or may be restricted to the evils of dowry. By and large, divorce is looked upon as a tool in the hands of women, but even men do resort to divorce for various reasons.


The Hindu Marriage Act lays down the following procedure for Divorce where there is an option for the Hindu married couple to approach the courts of law for separation procedure.

  • The pre condition for divorce for Hindus is that the couple should be living separately for at least one year.
  • The first step in applying for a divorce is to hire a competent lawyer. The competency of the lawyer makes or breaks the case. The lawyer should be understanding and experienced in handling similar cases. He should be able to devote time and energy to the case.
  • There are two types of approaches to file an application for divorce. One is "by mutual consent" and the other is "by contest".
  • The divorce application "by mutual consent" is easier as it takes lesser time as both husband and wife agrees for the grounds on which separation is sought. If the application is made "by content" it leaves room for the counter party to contest the application and drag the case for years together without a valid reason.
  • The papers to be submitted includes the Income Tax returns for three years, details of present income, the purpose for applying the divorce, birth and family details and the details of the assets possessed
  • A Vakalatnama has to be issued in favor of the lawyer to present the case.
  • The applicant(s) should be open in discussions with the lawyer as to the marriage date, situations that compelled the divorce and the like. The more detailed the information is, the more easy it will be for the lawyer to file and fight the case in the applicant's favor
  • The procedure for divorce is time consuming in India and may last for at least a year or more in certain cases. Therefore, during this period, it will be very tough for the estranged couple to handle the emotional part.
  • The grounds for Hindu divorce can be anything from adultery, desertion, mental disorder, renunciation, life threatening disease, no-resumption of co-habitation.
  • Also the children, if any, will be mentally affected if a divorce happens. As tender brains, the separation will leave untold trauma in their minds against family values and love relations. Their future appears blank as the separation of their parents will leave them indecisive with whom to choose as their caretakers. There may be cases when the law declares one parent to take care of the child whereas the child himself prefers to live with the other.
  • Once the application is made, the case comes up for hearing after six month during which period, the couple is asked to reconsider. If the couple does not appear in the court after this "cooling period" the application stands void automatically. Also, the couple can withdraw the application during these six months.
  • During the divorce process, the couple should come to a conclusion related to custody of child, return of marriage gifts, post divorce maintenance and litigation expenses.
  • The alimony is a relatively new concept in India, whereby the separating partner agrees to support the other financially. In mutual consent cases of divorce, the alimony amount is decided mutually, but in contested cases, the courts of law steps in to decide the alimony amounts, when the parties fail to come out with an alimony amount.


The payment of alimony in Hindu Divorce cases has time and again been criticized on the grounds of inherent flaws in the making if rules related to alimony by the law drafters. Recently, the case of Shah Bano has reestablished the consequences of improper legal procedure to claim alimony/ financial support and post divorce maintenance. In spite of all the problems in marriage, compromise is advised by many consultants. Divorce, according to them, should be resorted to, when it becomes ultimately necessary.

Our Promise

If you go to any Divorce Lawyer, there is good likelihood that he/she try to prolong your case to earn fees. Sometimes it is petty issue between husband-wife etc and you may be misguided by going to a lawyer by filing a long court case.

If you take consultancy from us(only one time fees), there is no binding, we’ll try to give you advice to join together or in the worst case go to court. In 80% cases we try to join the couples and in many cases we get success. So why not take impartial consultancy from us!


Divorce to new married

I am from Jain Family, and get married five month later. on the day of Marrige my wife felt down due to dizzyness. since that day my wife if ill . After 25 days we go to Docter and doctor said us he is Pregnent but after one month there is report came that he is not Pregnant but he is suffering from Uteres Cancer. me and my Family get shocked but we take him to Appolo Hospital and Doctor suggest us to Abortion we Abort his foetation repeatedly three times and one more that his Parents not came for see him. Before a Month She with his Parents behave very rudely and abuses us.
one more fact was came out that she has one boyfriend and she was with affear with him after marrige and having serious relation with him so pleacerecommend us what we do for Divorse with him

my husband want me to divorce but i don't want..plz help

Dear Sir,
i am working lady with 2 kids, girl 10 year boy 6 year, my husband most of the time do not work , he do not have any permanent earning, my mother in law and husband taken me out from their home, than i stayed in hostel and rented flat many years, now i have bought a house and staying their with my kids and husband, even still my husband do not earn regularly and he keep on shout on me, as i earn only 20000 and 12000 is my house emi, so my most of the money with go with the same, so in 8000 i have to pay fees and house thing etc, i am managing with god grace, but still do not want to leave my husband because my kids want us to stay together, but even he hardly earn, but he still want to get divorce from me, and not ready at all to take responsibility of any kids, as per him he do not have any earning, please advice what to do, as i am only earner it is tough for me to go court on regular dates as my salary is very important for my kids, i do not want to take any risk on my job.
please advice what to do..



My self is Soniya A. I got married on 1 sep 2006, it was a love marriage and have a baby for almost 5 yrs.

My husband has no work, no job, no income and also no efforts to work.
We ahve already taken around 8 lac rs. from my family inpart payment for business and all, some how it couldnt work.
Now he is not earning at all. I hardly earn Rs. 18,500/- monthly and stay at my moms place for more then 9 to 10 months.

He is not ready to earn as well as not ready to divorce. He only wants to maintain wild sex relation.
And for no reason spoil my and my daughters life. He doughts on me all the time. Keep troubling me, abusing me, and givivng mental harrshment.

Plz do help me to come out of this. I really really cant handle him anymore.

Thanks & Regards.

i m drownying

Hello, sir/ madam I got married in 2008 may 8, i m a christian girl and my husband is a jain marwadi, when I got married till 2 months things where good but after tat my mother in law started fights for silly things but I didn't say anything I used to cry and keep quite , in 6 months in laws put me and my husband out , for one month my husband was good to me but even my husband started fighting for silly things, then we had a baby boy, but still things went worser , my husband started saying I can't cook food, I can't take care of child, I can't do house hold work , u r useless , hitting , using bad words, with all this I got so many health problems one I got minor heart attack I m 25years old and I m suffering from TOS problem, doctor had clearly told not to do much work and don't take tension, it ll effect u heart and brain but still my husband keeps on fighting with me every day for all silly things and with tat I m too depressed and it's effecting my health very much my hubby say u stay away from my life I don't need u and many more things , I tried my best to save this relationship but it's getting worser , i can't fight all time, I want to live peaceful life, plz suggest me Wat should I do,


hi every one! Namaste! i'AM pinay girl, mean I'am Filipina girl, but i really love the ambiance in India. except this culture i was read all the problem about Hindu divorce, i understand every feelings from every one of you.. hope this culture will be see the governments authority. hope someday one official personnel will fight from this fix married. every one of us have heart, to follow our happiness. our parents cannot feel our heart. they only follow the culture from old generation. that people before not educated, there are not watching television love story movie. now we are educated, we are watching in the movie what is the real LOVE. now we get all the idea from our new generation. `i think in 1000 fix couple only 3 percent was become successful love life. the 97 percent is become the problem of the government. why become problem in government, every-time and then. if the couple today is fighting, its really worst. after fight they run to file police complaint. until the divorce come. if the couple was having kids other additional problem to solve. its really become big additional problem will face the government. its not worthy to see all this problem cause this problem only the people idiot made.. hope to those people idiot parents want to fix married stop this culture, its not worthy from this generation. don't gave additional problem from your own country. our government need more attention for our peaceful leaving. we need to help the member of the government. please be concern citizen in our country.
Too all single youth, fight your right this time. don't let your life become those people write from this page.. there life is become useless from this world cause of wrong uneducated culture.. let our heart to choice from one heart to other heart for thier own happiness and BECOME HAPPY FAMILY FOREVER,
ATTENTION: to all atty citizen in India. please help to implement this kind of Policy. change this culture policy its not worthy now a days...
sorry if i enter comments from your culture. I only concern to those who was really sacrifice their life, from wrong decision of both parents...\\


dear sir, 1st of all , i love my wife very much. she propose me in june 2012, i suggest her to we will know each other till six months & after that we will decide after 4-5 months her father came to us for marriage talk. that time it decide to do marriage in nov. 2013, as per kundli. after that there was some problem happen. her mom requested me to patch up things. i patched up the same. then me and my wife got married on 20th may 2013. everything was going smoothly. but i dont know what happen after 27th july , she was not talking to me & saying want divorce. then i apply a request to police station to do positive things . but things got negative. still i love her very much but no response from her & her family. now my age is running 32. kindly advice.


I am Mr. Roy, Indian Hindu and got married 6 months back with an Hindu girl.
My and my family is facing huge problem since the next week of marriage.

The allegation against my wife;

1. She is a biggest liar I have ever met in my life.
2. Just after marriage week, she started complaining against my sister without any reasons. Initially I could not understand whether she can lie such an extent. But after minutely observation I am sanguine that she was lying completely.
3. Initially she praised about every one of my family except my sister and tried to convince me with her sweet talks to live separately - away from my family. And also wanted to know about my savings and details of expanse monthly basis even wanted to know about financial contribution part of my father in the family as well but I tactfully bypassed all these very personal questions in that early stage of a newly forming relation.
4. She doesn’t want any discussion or suggestions from us. Believes she is absolutely correct always. If we ask her not to do something she becomes furious and react such a way that her kind perusal that she become my wife legally. During any argument or hot temperament always threats us about 498a and police custody.
5. Her parents always believe what she tells without minimum verification or clarification and always try to divert the whole issue towards us as if their daughter doesn’t has any fault. Only of us she is victimised and wants to stay back to her home only.
6. She never bought anything from her home to our house. Rather taking out daily usage cloths/presentations/gifts from here to her own even without our concern. And whenever come to my house after several request from me or my parents she asks me to buy all those daily usage once again.
7. Even after every quarrel between us she ask her father to wait somewhere and she goes back to her own house with her father. After reaching her own home doesn’t even bother to keep contact with us if we try contact her she responses but not with interest and gives lots of excuses to not to come back again otherwise set lots of condition to come back again most of them are living separately from my family. Living separate is not an issue but she doesn’t know any work and has no interest to do any house hold job only thing she gets interest to call her parents and let them know what is going on in per minute in her 'sasural'
8. Most irritating and annoying thing is that she also likes to inform each and every talk’s discussion and sharing between husband and wife to her parents in details.

After several request and discussion she come backs to me and stays 3-4 days and starts quarrelling with me without any reason and then goes back to her home again. Since last one month she is at her home.

We don’t have contact even last one month only one day her father called me and as usual tried to divert the issue towards me as if I am the whole responsible for this situation and again asked me to come their home to discussions.

Believe me this time I am also not getting any interest by heart to request/discussion again to bring her back to my house.

Please suggest what I should to do now.

same situation

dear friend,
m not giving u any solution rather m asking u that have u got any solution now as m facing the same problems whatever u have mentioned from my wife... if u got any solution then please suggest me the same.. thanking u in an advance.



I got married on 27/12/2012 and after two month things were not working out between us.she was having financial issues in her family nd i helped her before marriage as she promised she will return the loan given by me before marriage.Iam a business person abd before marriage we had agreed the i wont allow my wife to work.but when the time came to return the monry she keep on giving false dates and before three days of marriage date she called the meeting about this loan which i gave to her i haent inform my family members also only one of my bro was aware of this and then since elders were involved she the loan amount was returned but after one month of the marrige her younger sister got engaged and got marreid in april they took another loan from bank and my wife was blackmailing me for giving money and afetr two month of marriage she went to make the arrangement of her sister marriage and after marriage is inisting the she will not stay with me she want to stay in mumbai and work so thather father and brother financial issues can be resolved n now there has been 8 month no conversation with her wehn ever i trried to approached i was abused by her and her father n other family members waht do i do i do have the reciept of the monetary transaction before marriage.waht shall i do if she i not satying with me and not giving me divorce.n if i asked for divorce what financial loss i have to suffer.

procedure for divorce

Dear sir/mam,i got married in 2006.and i hav 2 daughtrs age 7 and 5.for last 5 yrs my husband always have doubt on me and tourchred me and physically beating me if thr is any arugument...whn we r in dubai...bt nw at present we shifted to india..and nw he is doing business with his frnds..nearby his sistr house is thr and my inlaws r living with her,bcus his sis.is widow for last 8yrs...nw a days evrytime he goes thr and nevr take care the kids..thy also for small thngs thy call and tell him,his mothr is vry attached to his son and infront of me c will ly down in my husbands lap.puts hands on him,i grt irritate by all this things...aftr coming to india more insecure i found...he is nt paying me a single mony for my personal expences,his mom says u dnt ask me u ask me i will giv...bt for hw long c will pay...whn i said u book ticket for mei want to go to my parents place for holiday,for tat also he is nt allowing me....evn for my expences i said i want to take tution and go for job he refuse....like a slave am leading my life...pls tell me shall i apply for divorce? am mentally and physically tourchred by dis man...pls help me.

Procedure for divorce

Im 32 year old Indian man working in abroad...4years back I met Nepali girl [we both are hindhus] and we fell in love.
we got married in a temple with my family in India...and now we have 3year old son

we were always fighting each other now we are living separately , almost 1 year i didnt see her and my son, i dont know where is she ...... also i never went nepal

in this case how can I divorce her Legally .


Sir my marriage had occurred on June 12, 2013. My Date of Birth 11 Septmber 1991. I WANT TO BROKE THI MARRIAGE.

If women want divorse with

If women want divorse with her husband but she lives with other person and her husnand also know this then she claimed alimony

getting divorce

Wife is engaged with her cousin brother before marriage. And after marriage she blamed her husband & in laws.She went back to her parent"s house.14 years they are separate.Divorce filed,and proved she has joined ina school as a teacher ie she earns.Yet she is not agreed to get divorce as she is getting alimony from very beginning.Lawyer also is continuing the case. Husband is gradually becoming ill & psychic by this torture.What is the remedy?

Can I file a divorce petition? Please suggest me.

I married in 2009. That was arranged marriage. Before marriage, I was heard by some people that she could not hear properly, but her father challenged she is not so that. After marriage, with the day passing, my confusion goes to true in her symptom. After few month later, she told me the fact that she didn't hear properly, one operation had been done in her left ear in the last year of her marriage and another one need to be operation. I was shocked to hear the fact but I controlled myself that I will be proud to my wife if she is good enough in social and family life and keep good relation. But I was wrong. She has a poor and narrow mentality. The experience with her in a family tour with my office colleagues is very bad. I am a govt. employee and stay outside. She also stay with me. The family life experience in there is very poor also. She tried several times for hanging for a common misunderstanding of family life. My family members and her father also tried to understand herself, but she didn't change. She tried it at the present of her father also. I recorded some audio clip of her hot talking secretly and filed a GD at my nearest police station in the last year. We have no mental relation from the begging of marriage and had a poor physical relation. But at the time being, the poor physical relation goes to end. I took a hard discussion that I couldn't take a child without a good mental and physical relation. I wait for a long time, four years, for her change. After a long journey of four years, I get the result that she couldn't change herself and I am not satisfied with both physical and mental relation with her. Now, again I think to take a hard decision, which I couldn't take at the time of my recent marriage, that I couldn't stay happily with her and a divorce can make my life smooth and easy and brings some happiness.

Can I file a divorce petition? Please suggest me what will be the remedy for me at that situation which will being my life comfortable.


I got married on 24jun12 as arranged marriage.after few dayz my inlaws started given me mental tourtue..as we have one one son what all ur parents have given us in marriage as dowry...we are gettng so many offers from rich class family but bad luck we got you..my husband sister n mother always says ur are bad gal u dnt knw anything as households works...u dnt know how to cook...snatch things from my hand ...evn dnt give me proper meal to eat..as after few months my husband also started misbehaving with me as he is also having iilegal relations with other girls..alwaz release me that ur nt good for me...never take care of me as also never given single money for my basic needs in this 14moths....use abuse language for my mom dad...finally he forcely abort my 1month child as my husband n my mother in law was planned for it...im very upset ...mentally tourted ..n emotionally hurt feel like to sucide...
pls suggest me what to do?

You should file complaint

You should file complaint with Police under Dowry Prohibition Act. I suggest you make video recording silently of your abuse before you do anything. Some stealth cameras are also available. After F.I.R. reach compromise with their family after demanding collecting good amount of money. Then go to court for divorce also citing extra-marital relations of your husband and ask for alimony. Take help of only trustworthy family lawyers preferably in other city.


Divorce procedure is always difficult in India. Minimum 6months is needed to apply for divorce.Divorce procedure may extents for almost a year and in some special cases may continue for years. You may go through the following links to know more about the divorce procedure.

procedure of divorce

my marriage in 2008 & after marriage in some problem in marriage life, she told to me after two months asked don't mlive with my parents, & after two days nov 2009 she is going to mother house. . she is going to four year in this matter. now we leaving sepratly for last 4 year . now i want to marry again .

what r u do in this problem.......pl help to me .................

Please advice if I should file divorce?

My Husband and his Family has many issues with my Parents. He says that I always speak to my family member and support them financially just because i refused to transfer my my hard earned salary to my husbands account although I bear all daily expanses house rent,food,car loans etc. Owing to this we have conflicts everyday, We had a love marriage and are married for last 7 years with 6 month old daughter. I dont want to leave my daughter.My husband want me to break all the contacts with my family.
I am not able to fulfill him sexually as well because of these unresolved conflicts which keep running in my mind. It gives me a feeling that he does not love me and he also speak sweeter to me if he wish to fulfil his requirement. He keeps abusing me verbally beating me in front of my in Laws and I cannot take that anymore. If I question my In laws as why they are supportive for him they simply answer that they can't correct their son as he is grown up now and being lady you should bear everything and be calm. If I try to return abusive words to my husband verbally in same way as my husband does every day my in law threat me that they want to live happily if you will fight than you can divorce my son. Please advice what shall I do in this case as my husband is not mine but poppet of my inlaws. My husband and his family only want money. WE together are good earning members but my husband has taken house loan and a home in his hometown so that his parents live happily however I understand that EOD all will be ours but rightnow we are staying in rent and we have no good furnitures or AC , I feel shame If i have bring some office staff at home if they come to see my baby..

Does he really beat you

Does he really beat you physically? File FIR with police about abuse.
You also create scene before his office employees or in marriage function of his relatives.

Be patient. Your in-laws will one day be very old and finally pass away.

Unfortunately in very

Unfortunately in very cunning way my husband read these responses over this site as we work in same office he was quietly standing behind me , now situation is worst he has again created a scene infront of his mom who arrived now a days to see my baby. He blamed me that i m planning to ruin his career n his life please help me what to do shall i file divorce because i m suffering a lot in same way from years , i cant share my pain in office/among friends as we work in same office and my hus band is in higher rank but definately not my boss. I cant file FIR as we work for bank we have frequent criminal checks beingcarried by office randomly as if some record will come out as fir he will be informed. Also i cant share my pain to my own family as my mother is neuro patient she get attack every 2-3 month for any silly depression. I wish god only can help me . Please advice how I will handle my life.



should I take a divorce


My Husband says that he wants to leave me since he and his Family has many issues with my Parents. He says that I supported them when i should have supported his Family. Owing to this we have conflicts everyday, We had a love marriage and are married for last 7 years with 1 year old daughter.
I am not able to fulfill him sexually as well because of these unresolved conflicts which keep running in my mind. It gives me a feeling that he does not love me and he also cannot forget what my Parents have done wrong. For me, it does not matter what they have done since I am not willing to meet them going forward.. He keeps abusing me verbally in front of my Father in Law and I cannot take that anymore. My In laws are supportive of we separating if we wish to . Please advise

Very silly issue and reason.

Very silly issue and reason. Just stay put .. one day your husband will forget this. Have good patience. It could take 1-2 years though.

for marriage with married hindu women

I am a muslim boy 31 years old and hindu girl is 25 years old once upon a time I and she going to jaipur and live about 20 month but police arrested me and girl handover his family and in2009 his marriage forcefully. By his family with hindu boy.
But presently she is touch me and. I and me wants to married
So how can do it


I filed case for divorce, before applying for the case my father gave me financial support,now my husband has given a darkhasat ,"i had given her lacs of rupees and are in her bank account",but actually al money was given by my father.so tell me,will this money create problem for me? please guide me.

It may depend on what he may

It may depend on what he may want to prove. Can he prove it that it came from his sources?

You should be having proof of deposits from your father though.

Wife did the Abotion without husband knowledge

Dear All,

Although we got married recently and we were in long distance relation and my wife was pregnant. And due to small fight my wife have given the request in Woman Commission. Although my wife has accepted now this thing there that she did the abortion(however she mentioned that it was due to stress and doctor suggested this thing and did in private doctor).

Is that valid, having abortion without husband knowledge, although she said she do not want to stay with me, but I was not aware for this. Is that in my favour if we are going for divorce? Or what is my right I can take in this? What are the complications against me for this?

I'd side with your wife. She

I'd side with your wife. She might be too upset for a small thing as per you. About having abortion, it is allowed in all countries as far as I know(no idea about Muslim countries though) and father's permission is not required. You in fact hold no right till the child is born in India, US or UK.

Everyone does one mistake or other. Sometimes we make grave mistakes too. Right now nothing is lost. She is still yours. It isn't late. Just love her. You make first move, someone need to. Give her full love and protection you can.
She will give you as many children you want.

If you're so unhappy, go and have one more child which you've planned. So if you planned for two children, have three. She won't object if you are attached to her.

Moreover when my wife was pregnant, I took utmost care for her. I'd give up in all fights just to care her and her fetus. Remember the fights will be reflected in your child after birth.

Breaking is easy - building is not!

why sd male

why sd male always give luv to wife.. cnt it be reverse..How can a female go for abortion without husbands consent..its totally wrong,. and wht u were saying that u can get 3 child..do u think getting a child is a game or business, that if u lost one u cn get another 3..dnt be foolish..take with some humanity,,dnt talk like a businessman...

About having abortion, it is allowed in all countries as far as I know(no idea about Muslim countries though) and father's permission is not required. You in fact hold no right till the child is born in India, US or UK.

wht do u mean by this sentence..if a father has no right till the child is born,, then why r u saying that u did "Moreover when my wife was pregnant, I took utmost care for her. I'd give up in all fights just to care her and her fetus. " if u have no right to ur child before he/she born, then i will say u have not right to take care of her whn she is pregnant. becouse while taking care during prgnant there is a chance of accident,, and as she has only right to the unborn child, so u will be fired and u may have to go for jail......

so dnt be a business man on producing child, rather be a father.. take full right once she become pregnant..

abnormal behaviour of my husband

Dear sir, I have a unique problem. I had got married in June 2012. First 3 months of marriage was good by after that there was sudden change in my husband's behavior. I lost my father in law in Dec. After his demise my husband had completely stopped speaking with me. We are not in relation from October. When asked him about this he says that he was not ready to marry me since I'm fat. He speaks with his mom & his brother but avoids me every single time . When I asked him he said that he don't want to keep any relation with me. Now my brother in-law is getting married & we will be leaving this house & shift to another place. I'm scared to stay with him as he is not speaking with me over here he is he going to speak with me when we are alone. I don't wish to stay with him any more because he does not care about me. Even when i'm not well he always neglects me. My marriage is not yet registered. Kindly suggest what to do.

First of all you don't know

First of all you don't know under what circumstances he married you. You must try to know that by taking into confidence his relatives, his mother etc, -- what actually transpired before your marriage.

You need to contact his close friends and talk frankly about his nature and behavior. Only after this next step to be decided.

Shifting alone with your husband is a good chance to talk to him alone and learn about his past and nature.

Don't give up, don't think at all about breakup. You have a long life, this is only a short time bump.

You can even force him to talk to you. Go and meet his boss in office. Throw tantrums before your relatives, create scene in the name of blackmailing him.

Above all keep in your mind that you must win by playing any game and that you'll not lose him at any cost. Play any drama you can. Find his weak points.

Tell him you're going to commit suicide before his own office or in marriage party of his close friend or relative. Take some real Petrol etc.

... but never give up your life just for any thing in the world. It's all trick so that he can come down to talking terms with you.

After all it's your own life and no other person has any stake in your personal happy life.

Also men won't mind to go along with any other lady. They need not be emotionally attached like women do. Divorced women are considered as "second-hand" by Indian males. Can you dare to marry again? Do you have lot of money to pay for Dowry again?

What'll be your life after divorce?

Don't give up.

In the worst case you must claim Alimony from your husband and also use anti-Dowry act in favour of you if you ever paid them anything in the name of Dowry.

You are fat - is no ground for separation, nor will court agree on this. I don't see your mistake in this. If your husband suffers from stroke, catches any dangerous disease etc, will it be his mistake?

Also try to be slim, do some fasting, join VLCC etc - you case lose weight. Try to live on liquids and see if your husband is happy.

Above all keep only one thing in your mind : "You will not separate from him"


Is Divorce an option?

I know that my wife loves me & my 1 year old son. We are living with my parents. Its not a single day when we don't argue. The fact is, she never tries to understand any practical situation & always insists:"the fault can never be mine!" This is mostly happening after my child came into existence. Everybody loves the child, but she is over-anxious about the "how to-when to" of the baby. The main point of her argument in any case is that She can only be correct. If I oppose her, she gets annoyed; if I don't say a word, she also gets annoyed that I don't care/love/agree with her. Sometimes, I think I can't bear a living with her anymore. She is the house-wife & does all the domestic work. She loves our son extremely & so do I. It is seeming extremely difficult for me to stay with her & her ego. Though I don't earn much, I am prepared to part any percent of my income if she wants after/during divorce. All I want is some peace in life. I know that a 2nd "MARRIAGE" is not at all an option as we(she & me) have fed up with that very word. Should divorce be an option for me?

I suggest you have temporary

I suggest you have temporary breakup, send her to her parents home with child and then stop talking. Never talk about Divorce with any body. Tell her relatives that you can't live her any more. Don't leave any options for them.

Be separated to maximum time you can. Now her parent will to too anxious. Tell them the problem and unless she mends her behavior you can't live with her.

One day it'll dawn upon her and she'll come down on floor. Then bring her.

You need to play games to win against situations. It's minor issue. Don't at all think of divorce. It's only her outlook problem!

Secondly start your wife praising heavily( flatter her), then slowly ask her to change little. She will do little by little if you keep praising and encouraging her. Instead of forcing upon her - win her!

divorse due to mental disorder of my wife

pls help me in this issue,i had been married in march 2007,after marriage i came to know about my wife mental disorder,that she was suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder,any how i manage my personnel life,but every know and than her mother interferon in my personnel life,than she given birth to a child and after than condition get vars she was not even capable to take care of child,i had consulted many psychiatrist,but no change,she also try to commented suicide two time,one time she was in ICU for 3-5 days.Since 1.5hr she is living with her family ,i want divorce,but they r not ready to this.Now i want to file case for divorce on this base,so pls guide for this,also i want the custody of my 5 year child,as she is not capable to take care of the child. pls advice how to go forward.

I don't think court will

I don't think court will agree divorce for this problem of your wife. I strongly suggest you don't take her to Psychiatrists as I had gone through and came out of similar type of problem. This disorder is invariably caused by excessive use of will power. Remember if you imagine in your mind depression, you simply can't smile. In short if you're imagining red Apple in your mind, medicines can't force you to think to change it's color to green.

If you follow Geeta it can help do away with Will power. Her cure lies exactly in the Method of Emile Coue. Even studying Osho's principles can also help. If you want just contact me. I'll myself help you.

Remember divorce will have very bad psychological affect on you child who is simply an angel in this world. Your wife is in unfortunate situation, you love and support can definitely help her.

Divorce Problem and Mentel Abuse

Dear Sir,

We recently got married on Jan-2013 and after the marriage things sometime going good but sometimes not, as my mother in law always interrupting us(specially to my wife) and in every small issues of our live or home she is

Now today morning we had small fight and my wife slapped me, however i didn't replied or any physically abuse to her. And then her mam sent some people to my flat and they have taken her with them and she left me along as i do stay alone in different state due to my study.

She always trying to abuse me and mentally torching me and whenever some comes stating crying so that everyone should believe her. Today she called to police since i do not wanted to send her with unknown person and i told her father and mama to come and take her with them as she is there daughter and i do not have any problem if they are taking her with them. However finally there was no report and that police guy went out and cleared the picture and given the feedback to police that lady has gone with her interest. However i still do have soft corner for her.

Now my problem is she always abusing me and there family specially her mama and mother mentally torching me and i do have doubt they may file the divorce which i do not want but i cannot assure for my wife because i know she may say yes due to family.

Can you please advice me what action shall i take in this case as i do not want to have any legal action since i have to make my carrier as well as i have my parents to whom i have to take care. And even i do want to stay happy married life, But i do not want to talk to her until she say sorry as she slapped me.

Please advice urgently.

Please handle your case with

Please handle your case with patience. Moreover here Mama & mother will one day leave this world leaving you both. It is good that you did not react to her slapping you. I think it is somebody else's thinking that has taken over your wife's mind.

I suggest you go over to all of your wife's relatives and discuss your case. I'm sure not everybody will side her.

Secondly in your case your wife can't force you to agree on divorce. There are no reasonable terms. As long as you're attached she can't divorce and you should not also. These can be small disturbances in life happening with you and it'd subside. All the best!


you must approach before "parivar paramarsh kendre" for your grievance.


I married on may 1998, after married I came to know that my wife had illegally relations before marriage. She lived with me around 1 year. For last 14 years she is living with her father, during this period I came to know that my wife has illegally relations with her uncle's boy means (her brother), now last 5 years she having illegally relations with her real little brother whether it is permissible or not. For last 14 years she is different types of blaming on me and my members.

She has no any children. She also made abortion many times. She & her family members neither apply for divorce nor want divorce. They has ruined my life. What Can I do of this. May I apply for divorce in High Court or lower court or not.


Sexual harassment is very

Sexual harassment is very prevalent in India. If it wasn't her fault when she "got" into such activities then I suggest you forget and see that your life can be back again. If she understands the mistake and misfortune as well as promises to not to repeat then I suggest you give her a good chance. Plan for your children ..

Go for divorce as a last resort and that could take years and you'd need to prove adultery on part of your wife after marriage.


firstly you collect evidence that your wife is living adultery. there after you take legal action. if you desire before it you may approach before the concern "parivar paramarsh kendre".
If you prove the same that your wife is living adultery , on this ground you may file divorce petition before competent court in which the court has having original jurisdiction to try the like family court or district court. not before the high court.


My wife wants divorce and we had issues and i have been asking her lets continue and see.. she is not ready to continue any more. I am not in for it but even if i am not in it is not helping both of us. we are both good in our own profession. I don't want to complicate things. What is the easiest way to separate. I don't want to go to court and lawyers and fight for us to be together. please help me to get a solution for this.

need help in divorce

I am a girl 24, I got married without my consent forcefully and without any procession which has been done in Hindu religion (like Varmala(वरमाला), Sat Phere(सात फेरे), various kinds of Pujas in Mandap, just we was stand on the stage as a couple, even Mangalsutra also had not been wear by me from him)on 18th Dec 2011, because of this forcefully act i committed suicide in the next morning of 19th Dec 2011, I was in ICU next 6-7 days and discharged on 25 Dec 2011, since that day i am staying at my mom and dad's home. Because of my parents force to me to be settled down with that guy once again i committed suicide in the month of June 2012 and that time also doctors rescue my life.

After 18th Dec 2011 no one from the family where i had been married has tried to pick me up then at their home, now it has been 15 months still i am at my parents home and there no relation or not a single activity has took place with that boy or that family as wife or as a daughter in law. Now at this stage no one wants to be keep this relation as it is except my mom and dad. Now also they are forcing me to settle with him, I am unmarried girl as the my case is cause this was not a marriage and now the regular harassment of my parents for settlement with that guy and avoid-ness of my feeling from the other family just i wants to be divorced from my forcefully marriage and needs to be settle down with the person of my choice, so if you can help to get out of these harassment please email me with easy solution's @ jitusmail [at] gmail [dot] com. Regards.

she wants divorce

my marriage in 12/02/2012 & after marriage in some problem in marriage life, she told to me after two months asked don't marriage, & after two days she is going to mother house. she wants divorce with me. she is going to one year in this matter. she is not pregnant.

what r u do in this problem.......pl help to me .................

How divorce aggrement papers become authentic


Someone please answer my question, after divorce the agreement papers should be registered with registrar in presence of witnesses or any government seal should be there on those papers.
How can i identify if the agreement papers are authentic?


pls help

I got marriage may 2012 now my wife suddenly went to her relatives and blaming there was no co-operation between us. she did this one month before nowadays she regretting about this whatever she did but now her relative forcing her to separate they saying to my wife that if you are taking decision to again meet then there will no relation with them. now my wife is totally confused and she is not able to decide what to do whether me or relatives.
her relative forcefully stand for separation and also saying if we both again meet then in future whatever will happen with my wife that will be my responsibility. actually this matter arise from short husband wife issue as generally happens in everybody's life. I am very tense now and i feel my also. pls what to be chance if they file to divorce. pls help thanks.

Don't accept divorcé at any

Don't accept divorcé at any cost, nor will court allow her to take divorcé. Just tell the court the you love her and have no problem with her.

hindu Divorce

Dear sir,
My husband is always told me i want divorce nd in that situation i am scared. My marriage is arranged. So, as usual i always thought that what would i do after divorce, there is no life after that. My family never accept me .........
but after read this i make myself very strong. nd be preparing for divorce. But sir i have no marriage certificate so can i apply for divorce Guide me please.....................

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