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eMO or Electronic Money Order service is different from old money order service. The old money order is sent just like a Registered Post which usually travels using Indian Railways and not by flight unless the location is not reachable by road like Laddakh etc.

The new eMO is computerized version of money order. Many post offices in India have been computerized. Their processing has been centralized. For example if you do Speedpost, your Speedpost PNR number is allocated from a remote server.

In case of eMO, it is even simpler. The sender & sendee details, amount of money to be sent is fed online and stored in centralized server at Mysore. It is further transmitted from Mysore to respective post offices.

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Download the eMO form

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Here is our Scanned PDF version

Old Money Order

Is it gone? No. Those post offices which are not computerized do allow this money order service. Most of post offices in major cities have already been computerized.

Difference between eMO and Old Money Order

eMO takes around 3 days for delivery and old Money Order around 7-10 days. Secondly you can no more specify any message along with eMO since there is no place for it. Though there is place for 2 digit message code which is can be chosen by you.

eMO Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much money can be sent through eMO?

    A minimum of Rs.1/- and a maximum of Rs. 5000./- can be sent through eMO.

  2. Is the money paid in cash?

    Receiver can receive the payment in cash upto Rs. 5000/-.

  3. What is eMO?

    eMO is a web based rapid money transfer service offered by India Post between two individuals within India.

  4. How fast is the money transfer?

    Money booked through eMO can be disbursed within 24 hours.

  5. How is money sent through eMO?

    Money can be sent from any eMO center. A simple “To Remit Payment” form is to be filled up and submitted along with the remittance amount and commission at the eMO counter. A printed receipt is issued to the remitter. If the money is being sent through the e Post Office, then the remitter is to go online, register the account and fill in the online booking form. After the online booking form is completed the customer should press submit and this will take him then to the payment gateway site where online payment will be processed. Thereafter the receipt will be generated and the reference number on the receipt can be used for further correspondence if required.

  6. How does the payee collect money?

    The payee can receive money at home. Therefore Pincode of the delivery address is essential.

  7. What can be presented as proof of identity by the remittee?

    The payee can prove his /her identity by presenting any of the following photo-identity documents:

    1. Voter’s I-Card
    2. PAN Card
    3. Ration Card with photo of receiver
    4. Post Office Identity Card
    5. Driving License
    6. Passport
    7. Approved/Recognized Central Government/ State Government/ PSU/Office/College/University ID Card
  8. Is eMO expensive?

    eMO tariff has been kept same as that of ordinary MO though electronic transmission has been introduced..

  9. Can message be sent along with money through eMO?

    Yes, along with money you can also send a message. Choose any one from a list of standardized messages and it will be delivered along

eMO HELP DESK email_id

helpdesk [dot] emo [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in

eMO Message Codes

S.NoStandard Message
1 Confirm receipt of money order
2 Do not waste money use cautiously
3 Happy birthday get a gift of your choice
4 Happy wedding anniversary get a gift of your choice
5 Hearty Hearty congratulation on success in examination
6 Humble offering for Rakhi
7 Humble offering on Bhai Dooj
8 Humble offering on thread ceremony
9 Humble offering to the Lord
10 Id Mubarak
11 If you need more money let me know
12 Money for payment of loan
13 Money for treatment of illness
14 Money for your admission
15 Money for your books
16 Shagun for marriage
17 Shagun for thread Ceremony
18 Shagun on Grehapravesh
19 Wish you speedy recovery
20 Wish you success in your study
21 Write about your well being
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