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Utilities India Detailed Business Model

  • Legal Advisory & Consultancy/ Passport Consultancy/ EPFO consultancy:
    1. Customer needs to take legal advice
    2. Customer fill-in query specifics(Query title, Question details etc)
    3. Pays the amount
    4. We channel the query to an experienced Supreme Court lawyer and get the answer
    5. We send the answer in an email to the customer.
    6. If we feel that the question is not clear or we can't satisfy the customer then we refund the full amount immediately
  • Send Demand Draft Online
    1. Customer fills in Amout,Payee Name,Payable branch and text on reverse side of instrument
    2. Enters shipping address, selects shipping mode(private/govt courier) and calculates charges
    3. Pays the amount
    4. We get demand draft issued from our bank
    5. We send the demand draft by the selected mode(private/govt courier)
  • Send Postal Order: This the exactly same product as Send Demand Draft Online(as above) except for that we get Postal Order from nearby Post Office and not the bank.
  • Send Money Order Online:
    1. Customer wants to send small amount of cash to anywhere in India
    2. Customer fills in the money order amount and message text
    3. Customer enters shipping address
    4. Pays the amount
    5. Our agent goes to nearby post office and fills up a form of customer details and send the money to the specified address. So it is sent by India Post government service.
  • Send Fax Online
    1. Customer enters the destination fax number in India and uploads the documents
    2. Customer counts pages to be faxed and selects the right amount
    3. Customer pays the amount
    4. We take a print out of documents
    5. We send the documents to destinations fax number from our fax machine
  • Send Letter Online
    1. Customer uploads the documents
    2. Customer counts pages to be sent and selects the right amount
    3. Customer fills in the shipping address and chooses the dispatch mode(private/govt courier) and calculates the shipping charges
    4. Customer pays the amount
    5. We take a print out of documents
    6. We place the documents in envelope, fills in destination address and send it by chosen courier(govt/private courier)
  • Prevent Bank Account from becoming Inactive/Dormant:
    1. Customer enters Fund transfer start date, his/her account name, bank account number, bank IFSC code and repay duration
    2. Count of payment is selected in "Quantity"
    3. Customer is shown total amount( Rs. 90 service charge for each transfer)
    4. Customer pays the amount and his/her transaction is scheduled
    5. For each scheduled date we transfer to his/her account Rs. 100 by NEFT(that from our bank account to customer's bank account)that the account is kept alive
  • PPF Recurring Auto Pay: This is exactly like above only that instead of customer's bank account, PPF bank account number need to be given.
  • Copy Website Pages on Internet - Get in a DVD at your home:
    1. Customer specifies the URL/web address to downlad along with download comments
    2. Customer makes partial payment
    3. Customer specifies the DVD shipping address and calculates shipping charges
    4. Our staff verifies that the URL/website contains legitimate stuff and does not have copyright issues
    5. We download it full, calculate the full download size and price and initimate to the customer
    6. Customer pays us the remaining balance
    7. We dispatch the DVD containing the download to customer's address
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