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Send Money Order Online

Send  Money Order Online

Send Money Order(MO) to anywhere in India at a nominal fee.

Please learn the difference between eMO and the old Money Order here. You can't send message along with the eMO.

Advantages of sending thru Utilities India(©) :

  • Save your to/fro cost and time to the post office
  • Save your time from post office queues
  • Save your time in case office is closed due to lunch times(common problem with government offices in India), sometimes closed early, open late etc
  • You don’t need to run to get a Money Order form. Even you get it, instead of paying 25 paisa you shell out minimum of Re 1.
  • Get the Money Order receipt in your mailbox, for easy archival, no chance of losing it.
  • No more issues of keeping “change” with you.

Money Order will be sent thru Indian govt’s India Post by submitting a filled MO form at the local post office.

Also please check the Postal Rates in India

It is not in our control when the Money Order will be delivered.

In case the Money Order is returned to us (if return address on it is ours) then the returned money shall be refunded to your bank account with no extra charges.

You will be sent scanned copy of Money Order receipt at your registered e-mail id after it’s dispatch.


A maximum order of 1 is allowed.
Minimum: Rs. 10.00
Maximum: Rs. 1,500.00

Additionally you can type in your message, which we'll write on the money order message area on the bottom

Post Office will charge fixed 5% of total amount
Rs. 125.00
includes 18% GST
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