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Don't just let your life insurance, mediclaim(or any bill payment) etc., lapse even for a day. Since you risk losing the cover in higher age. Let us pay the policy premiums before due dates and you lead a carefree life.

Renew your mediclaim and insurance policies through us!

How it Goes

  • You pay us any advance amount and we keep it forever for you
  • You also provide us with desired policy details and last date of payment
  • We automatically schedule payments on your behalf, you balance gets adjusted automatically.


We charge Rs. 200 for every payment we make as our service charges.

Our Refund Policy

All remaining money is 100% refundable if not used anytime in your life -- if it is possible to return by NEFT. Otherwise you'll need to bear refund payment charges. So if your bank account is closed then we can send refund by cheque but you'll need to pay us the courier charges.

Minimum: Rs. 500.00
Maximum: Rs. 7,000.00
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