Easy Online Mobile Recharge by Phone Call | Utilities India

Utilities India brings you easy mobile recharge facility especially when you're in journey.

Easy Recharge Your Mobile simply by Calling Us

Just let us know the phone number and the amount to recharge any time during the day and we'll recharge your mobile.

Whatever amount you pay will remain with us forever!

We charge Rs. 50/recharge. In short every time you ask us to recharge, we'll charge Rs. 50 as our fee.

Note: On recharge we have no control how much company will give you back. That means if we recharge Rs. 500 for Airtel or any other provider, you may get Rs. 500 or Rs. 450 or any other less amount. We've no control over it

Our Refund Policy

All remaining money is 100% refundable anytime in your life -- if it is possible to return by NEFT. Otherwise you'll need to bear refund payment charges. So if your bank account is closed then we can send refund by cheque but you'll need to pay us the courier charges.

How Much to Pay

So all your money will be taken as advance we'll keep deducting the charges as per your request. The more you pay the better the chances to avoid any inconvenience of running out charges to recharge your mobile.

How can you recharge while you’re holidaying?

We will have you phone number & email id. You can send SMS or email asking for recharge. Alternatively you can call us and let us know the number and amount to recharge.

Minimum: Rs. 100.00
Maximum: Rs. 3,000.00
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