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Custom Photographic Works - Order from your PC

Custom Photographic Works - Order from your PC

Do you need custom photographic works like:

  • Making out passport/visa photos ( we can correct the photo including its background etc)
  • Enhance and make your photos beautiful say for marriage purpose
  • Look younger
  • Improve your appearance, look younger etc
  • Change color of your clothes etc
  • Or even need custom programming to sort out(rename, change resolution, change formant) your 1000's of photos?

Want photograph with Salman Khan, Aishwerya Rai or even with President Obama?

You don't need to meet them to get your photograph. We'll place your photograph with any of choosen personalities for fun.

Note: All the photos must be provided by you and you should ensure copyright issues with the provided photos. These works are for fun only. Not for any illegal activity or for any serious business.

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