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Utilities India(©) Policies, Terms & Conditions and User Agreement


Your use of a Utilities India website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") and its related sites, services and tools is governed by the following terms and conditions as applicable to the Utilities India websites.

For the purpose of the User Agreement, Registered User / and wherever the context so require ‘You’ shall mean any single living human being who is not an absconder as per Indian law and has agreed to become a member of the Website by providing Registration Data (as defined hereinafter) while registering on the Website using the computer systems of the Website and accepted this electronic version / electronic record of the User Agreement and has allocated himself a unique identification user name (“User ID” and “Password”).

Others will need prior permission of Utilities India(©) to use/buy any of its products/services.

Terminology Used

Dispatch will mean any information/courier/payment/service leaving from our end fulfilling our service of your order. Also includes e-mail of consultancy advise. If e-mail leaves our mail server(s), it’ll mean having successfully dispatched by us whether or not it was received in your mail box. Similarly submitting the Money Order form/Speedpost with local post office will mean successfully dispatched from our end.

Carrier will mean any of the courier companies in India including India Postal Service. Carrier, courier, postal service all refer to courier services.

An Order will mean at least one product/service purchased from Utilities India(©) by adding them in Cart and making payment of all of them in full to Utilities India(©). Each product/service in an order will be counted and assessed individually for cost/ quality/ transportation/ delivery or refund purposes.

Only terms Full Refund/Complete Refund will mean 100% refund with no deduction of charges from our side, unless any extra/other charges are mentioned specifically.


Postal Order
Money Order
Demand Draft
Banker’s Cheque

General Terms & Conditions

  1. This Terms and Conditions applies to the services provided by Utilities India(©) including all shopping cart services. By ordering any product (which can be a service in itself ) you indicate your acceptance of this terms and conditions.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that the content placed on the sites provided by Utilities India(©) are not contrary to law; all material you publish on the site does not infringe any other third party’s copyright or other intellectual property rights. You agree not to post or store on the services any content which is fraudulent, obscene, pornography, defamatory, racist, lewd, lascivious, filthy, violent, or harassing.
  3. Utilities India(©) reserves right to edit any content stored or published on it’s websites without assigning any reason whatsoever to anyone. This will include any user views/comments or any other data.
  4. We reserve the right to verify your details, or suspend your account, or/and not to publish your stored data.
  5. Providing any false, incorrect, misleading information in login account or while ordering will result in closure of your account and also cancellation of order(s) if any placed. All amount paid will be forfeited. You will not be notified.
  6. You agree to indemnify Utilities India(©) against all claims, actions, suits, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred on any account by Utilities India(©) services (especially consultancy services) as a result of using any of it’s products or services irrespective of any delay from Utilities India(©) or any sort of incomplete/unsatisfactory services/products provided by Utilities India(©) to you. Utilities India(©) accept no responsibility or liability for any errors. You are required to check the content for errors before placing any orders.
  7. Only Utilities India(©) will be the sole authority to decide whether any of it’s products or services supplied by us are deficient or incomplete in nature and may not/do not meet expectations of our customers.
  8. The maximum liability whatsoever for any product/service offered by Utilities India(©) shall be limited to payment of full order amount as paid by customer to Utilities India(©) for any or all of the products ordered.
  9. Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Utilities India(©) reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason or to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item.
  10. Your order/service can only be processed by us after we receive full payment from you.
  11. Utilities India(©) clearly warns you that there is clear NO REFUND POLICY for any services/products ordered by you(except for technical errors committed from our side). We process your order/service request only if we can provide it. In case we are not able to process your order, Utilities India(©) will refund the amount for only those products/services whose orders could not be processed.
  12. Order once submitted will not be cancelled. However if we (or our softwares) have not started to process the order may then be cancelled. Utilities India(©) will only have full & final discretion on this. Service charges may apply for processing cancellation & refund.
  13. In case of technical errors committed from our site, we promise to refund the total amount of that particular order only. However we may choose, instead to provide you service sans any technical errors. If for example your order consisted of 3 items and we committed technical error in single item, then we either can refund the total amount of that particular item out of three items.
  14. You can point out errors or service issues on our part within following purview:
    1. For products which need physical delivery( as opposed to e-mail, fax delivery)
      1. within 30 days from the date of dispatch of your order from our end. At most 45 days from the date of dispatch of your order from our end only in case of those orders which needing physical delivery and was/were never received by you or at the address mentioned by you.
    2. For products which don’t need physical delivery
      1. Fax service
        1. within 2 hours of dispatch of fax from our end.
      2. E-mail service( sending of consultation advise)
        1. within 12 days from the date of dispatch of your order from our end.
  15. We will take care in ensuring the privacy and integrity of the information you provide as your details, however, the possibility exists that this information could be unlawfully observed by a third party while in transit over the Internet or while stored on our servers. We accept no liability should this occur.
  16. Onus of providing correct address, e-mail id and contact phone number(s) lies with you. We’ll not be responsible for non-delivery of any of our products/services due incorrect address, e-mail ids etc. We do however strive to provide best customer service and will try to contact you over phone, e-mail etc in such cases.
  17. Currently we are offering shipping services within India only. Fax service is limited to within India only.
  18. Scanned proof of delivery of products ordered by you from our end will be e-mailed to you. For example if you order Money Order service, we’ll e-mail you the scanned receipt from post office. If you want the original receipt, separate charges may apply. Also we’ll keep safely the proof of delivery of all your products, including all receipts for a maximum of 2 months. Beyond that they will be destroyed. We’ll however retain the original receipts beyond 2 months only if you request to collect the original from us and pay the original receipt collection charges in FULL. Otherwise we’ll not be obliged to keep them beyond the stipulated period.
  19. Although we strive to provide you the proof of our services( e.g., courier receipt, Speedpost receipt), we do not guarantee it, which can happen due to reasons beyond our control. In such a case when receipt to you could not be furnished, Utilities India(©) will only decide whether or not services/product request was successfully fulfilled or not. In short, not receiving proof of a service will not be a reason to cancel the order or asking for refund.
  20. We don’t take responsibility of transportation of your products (by any courier agents including Indian Postal Service) . Our responsibility is limited to providing service from our end and sending you the receipt of dispatch of the product. Once we hand over the product to say Speedpost etc our all responsibilities are over, and it’ll be your responsibility to monitor or communicate with them for delivery or non-delivery.
  21. For delivery of services where physical transportation is required:
    1. For destination address within India
      1. Processing of your order can be done from anywhere in India, as deem suitable by Utilities India(©).
    2. For destinations outside India
      1. Processing of your order can be done from anywhere in the world, as deem suitable by Utilities India(©).
  22. In case of Money Transfer instruments viz., MO/PO/DD we reserve our right to send money instrument to the shipping address for the total ordered amount by single or more money instruments. That is if you order a DD for Rs. 1000, we can fulfil your request by sending either single DD worth Rs. 1000 or two or more DDs all totaling Rs. 1000( eg., two DDs of Rs. 500 each). Each money instrument will be delivered thru single courier only.
  23. Mode of our communication will always be English in speaking or writing. However we may support any other language in future.
  24. None of the services/products offered by Utilities India(©) are free unless a product/service is specifically mentioned as “FULLY FREE” or similarly. Charges of various services can be found in the charge-list page. Otherwise please contact us for correct charges.
  25. Document(s)/information sent by you as part of order will be rejected if they are marked “Confidential” or contain inappropriate content or violate copyright rules or infringe on others’ copyrights. For example e-books, contents of the books may not be sent to us, as copying/photo-copying may not be allowed.
  26. Although we try to honor your special comments & requests while ordering products, we do not promise to fulfill them. We will definitely honor information which is specifically asked about a product in a user input area( checkbox, text field etc) with a formal title related to the product while ordering. For example Payee Name on Demand Draft.
  27. Using Utilities India(©) services to send pirated/prohibited/illegal material or material violating others privacy will make your order void without any notification.
  28. All the documents/material/information sent to us may be forwarded to Police when requested as part of verification as and when demanded by government authorities.
  29. Sending money to banned/terrorist/illegal entities is not allowed. It’s your duty to discriminate between allowed and not-allowed.
  30. Indulging in any illegal activity whether you’re aware of it or not will make all amount paid to that particular product relating to the unlawful activity stand forfeited. No notification of this will be sent by Utilities India(©) to you. However we may, at our discretion refund the amount after deduction of service charges.
  31. This site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that we're not responsible for the operation of or content located on or through any such site.
  32. The waiver of an instance of breach or default by Utilities India(©) shall not act as a modification of this Agreement.
  33. Utilities India(©) is not affiliated to any other company or website in India and operates on it’s own.
  34. Specific titles below have specific Terms and Conditions and will override General Terms & Conditions.
  35. All our service charges include all taxes unless specifically mentioned

Payment Policy

  1. Full payment not received against any order within 15 days of order date will stand cancelled from our side. Total amount will be refunded but cost of refund shall be deducted (we’ll will not charge anything for our service). If refund is by NEFT, standard NEFT transaction charges( currently around Rs. 5) will apply. If in future refund is done by any other means for example speedpost, money order etc, standard postal rates will apply. For sending refund by cheque, cheque charges of Rs. 2/- per leaf plus courier charges will be deducted. The charges mentioned here are for explanation only, you must check the latest charges in the charge list.
  2. Not all payment modes are available for each product or service.

Refund Policy

  1. We reserve the right to no to process your order and instead refund you full payment made to us, thus canceling the order, any time before your date of dispatch of your order.
  2. If the dispatch date of your order is after 1 year then in case of refund we will also give you 3% interest rate, annually compounded on your amount that lies with us.
  3. As of now refunds will be done only electronically by NEFT or bank account transfer. No other mode is supported as of now. However we reserve the right to provide any other convenient mode of refund, as deem necessary by us.
  4. Onus of providing correct bank account number to receive refunds lies with you only. You’ll have to ensure that your bank account exists.
  5. In case of force majeur refunds may be delayed by us by maximum of 3 months.

Service Time Period

  1. We’ll take maximum of 3 BUSINESS days to process the order. Days which are not counted as business days are – Sundays, Indian national holidays, State government holidays and other local festivals. For courier services, for example if nearby post office is closed for 4 days for any reason then those days will not be counted as business days only for money order and related postal services. These 4 days at the same time might be business days for courier services by Blue Dart or DTDC.
  2. Due to force majeur, national calamities, strikes we’ll try to fulfill the order within 15 days otherwise we’ll issue full refund of your order without any deduction of charges. However if you’d like to wait for the problems to be over and then we process your order, you’ll need to inform us within 15 days otherwise refund will be issued.

Consultancy Services

  1. Consultancy services can never satisfy a customer as the resulting advice is an intangible object. Sometimes an advice can be simple “Yes” or “No”. In this case customer may feel cheated for having paid full money for a simple word answer. It is therefore advised that proceed for our consultancy services as a last resort where all your options for finding suitable answer for your questions have exhausted.
  2. Full refund if we decide to not to answer you query or queries for any reason whatsoever. One of the criteria can be that our “Advise” may not fully satisfy the customer.
  3. Consultancy “Advise” will only be sent to your e-mail id mentioned.
  4. In case of consultancy services, Utilities India(©) does not vouch or promise any sort accuracy or correctness in the advice sent to you, after you place an order or orders. Utilities India(©) clearly warns you not to rely on any piece of consultancy advice originated from Utilities India(©). You must yourself verify the piece(s) of advice sent. For example if you are sent answer for any of your query of Passport by Utilities India(©), instead of relying on it you must check our advice with the Indian passport act and other legal laws associated with, including taking help for expert legal adviser on Passport.
  5. We reserve the right to not to disclose any personal/professional details of consultancy agents on our rolls. We may however choose to disclose selective details of the consultancy agents for business reasons.

Demand Draft(DD) cum Dispatch services

  1. Our service is limited to making the DD and dispatch of it by your chosen carrier( Speedpost etc). Beyond this you must follow with the chosen carrier.
  2. If the Demand Draft is ever returned to us because of non delivery, we’ll refund the amount to you after deduction of DD Cancellation charges, Utilities India(©) service charges may apply.
  3. Cancellation of DD is further subject to processing by bank, which may refuse cancellation of it due to elapse of long time as per bank regulations.
  4. In case of non-delivery we’ll not be responsible in any way and you’ll need to follow up with your chosen carrier.
  5. Return address of the courier thru which it is dispatched will always be that of Utilities India(©) because issuer of DD can only cancel the DD in the bank, if returned.
  6. All Demand Drafts will be marked as “Account Payee”.
  7. Banker's cheques will be treated same as Demand Draft by us and we can instead send Banker's cheque in place of your request of Demand Draft.

Money Order(MO) service

  1. Our service is limited to filling the Money Order form and submitting in the local post office and sending you the receipt by e-mail.
  2. If the Money Order is ever returned to us because of non delivery, we’ll refund the Money Order amount. Utilities India(©) service charges may apply.
  3. In case of non-delivery of Money Order we’ll not be responsible in any way and you’ll need to follow up with the Postal Department.
  4. Payment by cash or by Money Order not acceptable for this product.

Postal Order(MO) service

  1. Our service is limited to filling the Postal Order and dispatch of it by your chosen carrier( Speedpost etc). Beyond this you must follow with the chosen courier.
  2. Depending on availability and denominations of Postal Order with us or Post Office, we can choose to send multiple Postal Orders with same or different denominations all totaling to the your product request value. That is if you request Postal Order worth Rs. 13 we can fulfil this request with thirteen Re. 1 Money Orders or one Rs. 10 Money Order + three Re. 1 Money Order.
  3. No refund in case MO is returned to us.
  4. In case of non-delivery of Postal Order we’ll not be responsible in any way and you’ll need to follow up with the Postal Department.

FAX service

  1. Our service is limited to fax of the information send to us and sending you the receipt.
  2. Exception is made in sending of fax receipt because of technical issues sometimes fax receipt may not be generated correctly or be readable. So you must not rely on the FAX receipt to be sure that fax was delivered correctly. Our decision will be final whether or not fax was transmitted from our end correctly.
  3. We can choose the fax service of any telecom service provider as deem appropriate.
  4. We are not responsible for the receiving fax machine conditions, paper jam, toner issues etc. To retransmit a page you must raise a separate order.
  5. Payment of cash or by Money Order not acceptable for this product.
  6. FAX service by default includes “Print Services” too. Please go thru the “Terms & Conditions” mentioned in it.

Courier/Postal/Dispatch services

  1. Our service is limited to dispatch of your order by your chosen carrier( Speedpost etc). Beyond this you must follow with the chosen courier.
  2. For transport charges when sending thru Indian Postal Service(includes Money Order) or any other courier service, we try our best to charge you normal charges, that is charges you would be paying if you were to dispatch yourself. However we do not guarantee it due to feed errors, software limitations on our side. If you feel that we are overcharging on transportation, please let us know and we will look into it.

Ordering for products/services just by sending e-mail

  1. You can order for a service by replying to the e-mail invoice received by you as part of your first order at Utilities India(©). You will need to attach relevant documents and mention all relevant addresses and details required to process the order. For example for Money Order request you will need to mention shipping address, Money Order amount, return address, your message etc.
  2. Your account must contain credit money to pay for the ordered services.
  3. By sending e-mail order you allow us to create order on your behalf as well as deduct the applicable charges from you account.
  4. Once we have received an e-mail order request from you, all other terms & condition will apply.
  5. Sending an order request multiple times will be accepted and processed by us. We will try our best to detect such orders but can not guarantee that such requests will be caught and subsequently cancelled. It is therefore your responsibility to send an e-mail containing the order(s) only once. Duplicate e-mails will create duplicate orders.

Print services(applies to fax, send letter online etc)

  1. Payment of cash or by Money Order not acceptable for this product.
  2. As of now only A4 size paper, single side page and Black & White printing supported. We reserve our right to use single/dual side printing of documents without informing anybody. You however can always insert your preferences in “Order Comments” while at Checkout pane.
  3. While sending documents for printing make sure that they are printable on supported page types and are of proportional height and widths with respect to the supported pages types(eg., A4). Otherwise the documents/pages/images you send to us will be shrinked/cutoff or printed without retaining their original height & width proportions. We will try our best to contact & inform you if such a case occurs, however we do not promise this, and reserve the right to have our own discretion without need to contact/inform anybody.
  4. Not all file formats are supported.
  5. Not all document fonts supported, we may instead replace an unsupported font with any other font with us.
  6. Documents in languages other than English, which can not be read by our staff to assess the content may be rejected by us.
  7. Blank pages or page getting printed without containing any useful information may not be printed and skipped. Pages taking too much printer ink may have the corresponding order rejected by us.

Copy Website/Download from website

  1. No refund admissible in any way
  2. If we do not process the order, first advance payment may only be refunded
  3. In case of mistake in specifying the web address you may correct it and let us know
  4. As and when full or partial payment demanded by us you must pay the sum within 5 days or the order may be cancelled with all paid amount forfeited.
  5. Delivery of data only after full and final payment
  6. No guarantees or promise from our side what we will be able to deliver you in DVD or send in email the downloaded data since most of issues are beyond our control for example slow, unresponsive website etc
  7. We are not responsible for any virus, malwares downloaded from the web address you have specified nor do we provide any anti virus scan facility.
  8. Use the downloaded data at your own risk
  9. You agree to use this data only for offline-browsing purpose.
  10. Only Sony or good brand DVD's will be used to cut the data
  11. Sending of data by e-mail will have data limit of 20 MB
  12. After data delivery to your e-mail id or address we delete all such downloaded data
  13. Given a web address/url, data download shall be limited to that website/domain only. All data from that level and below only will be downloaded. For example: for URL: www.example.com/A/B only data below B(including B) will be downloaded: www.example.com/A/B/one.htm etc but this NOT: www.example.com/A/two.htm

Payment Transfer in Accounts(PPF/Bank etc)

  1. We will deposit the amount in your account within 7 days or after 7 days of the entered deposit start date every. Every next/recurring deposit from the same product/order will have the same leeway(+-7 days).
  2. Refund will be given in all cases in which deposit fails. If it fails due to account closure/inactivity or account becoming doormat, refund will not carry any charges from us. If you've entered incorrect details like name or account number, refund charges will apply.
  3. At any time we reserve our right to change the installment payment amount without your notice. For example if NEFT minimum amount is raised to Rs. 500 after 5 years then we'll automatically increase the payment amount and also accordingly your duration will be shortened.
  4. We take no responsibility to any loss whatsoever arising due to deposits from our side on your behalf to any one.
  5. Any of your payment more than Rs. 100 which lies with us, unutilized after fulfilling all your services shall be refunded. Refund processing charges may apply.



  1. Jurisdiction for any disputes arising from and related to this contest shall be Aligarh, India to the exclusion of all other courts.

Contact Information(new address)

5/49A, Gnd. Floor, Prince Nagar, Near Prem Public School, Melrose Bypass, Aligarh-202001,India

This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

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