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ECommerce Marketing Campaign using Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter

Google's Sandbox Affect

Do you know that Google places new sites in sandbox for 6 months and it degrades new site in the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). Not only this, in the search engine world, rankings move very slowly. What does it mean? It means that, you should not check your site rankings daily - but only once in 45-60 days. A new site can't move up suddenly in search engine rankings overnight unless it is a one in thousand idea like a Facebook or Twitter. It takes years for a site to make good presence in search engine rankings.

Importance of Google & Search Engines in India

Ideally more than 90% of site traffic should come from search engines and in India more than 90% of people use Google. All intelligent people prefer Google over Bing or Yahoo. It means that Google can drive sufficient traffic to your ECommerce site.

Why is Traffic Required

ECommerce site work on the principle of conversion ratio in percent. Say if 1% of your site visitors buy items then it means 99% don't buy it. But if you can triple your site traffic you also equally multiply your conversion amount by this many times. More traffic more conversion!

Ways to increase site traffic

Here are the ways to increase site traffic:

  1. Invest a lot of money in marketing & advertising so that more people come to know about your site and service, more people will end up buying at your site. This also includes advertising for your site, inviting contests, prizes. However it requires lot of money
  2. Invest a lot of money in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). This is will increase your site rankings. But understanding it isn't for faint heart. It is complicated and you are much more likely to be fooled into paying money for no results. Genuine SEO is quite costly.
  3. Wait for Google, Bing etc to improve your site rankings slowly. Without investing in above, in 9/10 case your site will disappear from internet horizon in around 2-3 years. It'd be too late to realize this.

What to do with a new ECommerce site?

You've two options:

  1. Wait for 1-2 years, dreaming of your site's success as it's traffic increases very slowly. 9/10 case it'd slowly die out of it's own. There are more than 70 million sites. Surviving sites are in the top 1 million. Most likely your site will be way beyond 1 million mark after two years if you have not invested in SEO.
  2. Go for Google Adwords: Get the desired, targeted, focused traffic, the moment after launch of your site. Absolutely no waiting! There is absolutely no difference between the traffic you get from Google Adwords and Google Organic Search(normal search results) only that you end up paying good amount of money! Beyond this you get lot of control on advertising, ad location, choosing demographic listing and target audience etc.

Use Google Adwords for Any Site!

Oh! Is it a old site? No problem use Google Adwords to multiply site traffic. But you must remember that your return must be more than the cost of advertising in the longer run.

Why Google Adwords is must for a new site?

It is must!!! Don't wait for years to know that your idea was a flop one or that it requires lot of changes, innovations to improve your business strategy. What if you come to know all this in a month? You can take instant remedial action. To achieve success, you must be ready for a failure. And most of sites in ECommerce world simply fail and disappear since the owners come to know too late may be after 1-2 years. And by this time anybody would have lost his/her patience.

To save yourself from financial loss and take immediate corrective actions on your ECommerce or business strategy you must "buy" focused traffic from Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter.

Google Adwords also gives tremendous scope to do unimaginable market research. For example you can:

  1. Get site traffic from different locations in the world
  2. Get site traffic depending on times
  3. Get site traffic depending on languages people use, phrases they search on and their sex
  4. Show those ads more frequently than others which are perform better
  5. Show graphical ads, animated ads etc
  6. Show ads in different places like in Google Maps and search partner sites
  7. It also gives you unparalleled tools to do market research - what customers are looking for etc

Try 1 month Google Adwords Consultancy from us!

Google Adwords is not easy to use it. The heart of it is the keyword research. Understanding keywords requires SEO expertise and which requires in depth knowledge in search engine algorithms, web techniques and web development experience. Spend two years in SEO and then you'll definitely become expert in this field! Do you have this much time? Can you be a developer now?

Second is to how to drive focused traffic for you site to increase conversion. Understanding correlation between your site and Adwords is complicated affair.

Do you know all successful profitable Adwords campaigns are managed by Adwords specialists? And they are paid highly.

We've good experience in managing Google Adwords campaigns and we can understand your site requirements and create good campaigns to drive traffic to your site.

Never trust your developer for Google Adwords!

It'll be your mistake if do. There are hardly any talented Adwords managers in India because most of the talented in this field go for IT jobs in decent companies like Infosys etc. 90% of web developers take their clients for granted. It means most likely your money will be wasted just because you hired a person not specialist in managing Google Adwords accounts.

What you get from us(full 30 days)

  1. Creation/setup of your Adwords account, understanding customers, target audience, keyword research and creating Campaigns and Ad groups to run your ads efficiently.
  2. Working on to improve ad performance in close coordination with you.
  3. A Google Adwords Rs. 2500 free voucher applied to your new Google Adwords account( don't worry even if you already have one)

Please see that you'll need to pay for buying credits from Google Adwords.

Do you already have a Google Adwords account?

Doesn't matter, Google allows it and to manage your account, we'll need to create a new account and apply the voucher.

How much to spend in Google Adwords

We suggest you spend not below Rs. 10,000 if you want to see if your site's success and learn optimization techniques.

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