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Payment Gateway Application Terms & Conditions


Discount Offer
A discount offer means the any plan offered by us whose price you are paying is less than as advertised by the company in their website.
"Payment" word in this terms document will refer only to Cheque/NEFT mode of payment in our bank account. A payment shall only be deemed to have been received by us only if it has been credited in our bank accounts.
  1. Our responsibility will be limited to the following
    • Collecting/refund of your money from/to use within terms and conditions mentioned below
    • Forwarding your details to the payment gateway company you want to apply to
  2. We take no responsibility of any of your loss arising due to your following our recommendations, or use of any sites/service recommended by us. Also we take no responsibility of your loss due use of any sites or their service directly linked from our network of sites in any way.
  3. You promise to provide correct information about you and your website.
  4. We accept payments only via bank account transfer in our bank accounts(by cheque,cash or NEFT). Unless otherwise mentioned, we’ll charge you extra money of Rs. 55 in case payment by cash in our bank accounts.
  5. Your application will not be forwarded to the payment gateway service provider company unless you make full payment and provide us all details to forward your application to the company.
  6. In case you’ve used our any of discounted offers then you allow us to use your some of personal data(name, phone etc) and website details for our marketing purpose. For example we can give your contact number to our customers to get/verify your feedback about our service etc. In no way will we indulge in spamming or malicious calls.
  7. For any services beyond mentioned in (1) above, your liable to be charged for the service. Please contact us to know the charges of those extra services.
  8. Since our discount offers can change/withdrawn at any time without notice, you must let us know which discount offer you are applying for. Otherwise the latest running discount offer may be applied for you.
  9. We reserve our right to apply any discount offer for your application or not to apply any discount offers at all. It also means we can degrade/upgrade/change/remove discount offers at any time without notice to anyone.
  10. If you’ve ever used( or even applied or got refund after applying) any of our discount offers then you promise us that you’ll never try to malign our websites or services or show our site/services in bad light any time.
  11. Our service is also available without any discount offers.
  12. Refund of your money will be subject to following terms
    • If we’ve not submitted your application in 3 business days( that is working days of the payment gateway company, excluding any Saturdays and Sundays) because of our internal issues then we upon your request will refund you full money. If you’ve not made full payment or not given required information to forward your application to the company then we’ll deduct service charges as mentioned above.
    • If we’ve submitted your application to the company, then terms and conditions of the company will apply and we will not be able to refund any amount unless company disapproves your application with a request to us to refund your money, in that case we’ll give you a full money back(minus any fees retained by the company).
    • After you’ve made refund request, and if refund is at all possible as per our terms, then we’ll issue refund in one week. We can issue refund only be NEFT or by cheque payment to your bank account. So onus of providing correct bank account details rests with you. We’ll not courier any payment/cheques to your address. Once we issue for example a NEFT to your account then we’ll not be responsible beyond that point.
    • In case you made us a payment with respect to any discount offers which has expired within one day before you sent us the payment then upon your request we’ll refund all your money. It is because you want to avail an offer but isn’t available at the moment and might have been changed/removed from our site. So before sending us any payment check within 24 hours for the latest discount offers.
  13. Our maximum liability to you will be full refund of your money if your application does not rest with the applied company.
  14. After we’ve submitted your application to the desired company, you promise to be bound by the terms & conditions of that company. This will be equivalent to if you yourself have applied to this company after accepting its terms and conditions. In short even though we apply on your behalf, it is for you to accept the desired company’s terms & conditions whether you are aware of or not. Those terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted by you if you make a payment and send us your details.
  15. We reserve the right to refuse any request to avail the discount offer. We’ll return full money in that case.
  16. Use of this website is subject site terms and conditions, also learn about our site privacy policy.
  17. Jurisdiction of all our legal disputes shall be courts in Aligarh, UP to the exclusion of all other courts.
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