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Send Demand Draft Online


Send Demand Draft Online

Send Demand Draft Online

Save hassle and use our services to send Demand Draft(DD) to anywhere in India.

This is especially useful if you want to send it to get forms/prospectus from Educational Institutions and government organizations.

Please select the required amount, and on whom name it has to be issued.

In case you want to attach some letter, please add to this cart “Send Letter Online” so we’ll send both together in single package/envelope. You can also add text in the back portion of the Demand Draft.

Check the convenient Shipping Modes offered by Utilities India(©). Please go thru the Demand Draft Frequently Asked Questions.

Advantages of sending thru us:

  • Save hassle of visiting banks and filling out forms
  • Save your time from wait queue
  • Most of the banks allow Demand Draft only for their account holders, with a cheque only
  • If you apply for Demand Draft in a bank with out having account, you may be charged higher rates
  • Also save your time by using our services in case your Demand Draft needs to be cancelled.
A maximum order of 1 is allowed.
Minimum: Rs. 10.00
Maximum: Rs. 2,000.00

Enter the Payee Name which will be imprinted on the first line of Demand Draft(DD) or Postal Order(PO)

City/location on which you want your Demand Draft(DD)

This text will be written on the back side(for example, your name, contact no. etc)

Rs. 149.00
Utilities India Service Charge(Only for DD/PO)
Rs. 149.00
Bank Charges for issue of instruments like Demand Draft(DD)

Send Letter Online in India!

Rs. 22.00

Send Letter Online in India!

Send Letter Online in India
Send Letter Online Steps

Do you have a document you want it to be printed and dispatched to anywhere in India?

Steps to ordering this service

  1. Choose this product and upload the file(s) and enter printing instructions
  2. Enter the quantity(of pages you want printed)
  3. Select the shipping mode( by Speedpost, courier etc) & calculate the shipping charges
  4. Enter the Shipping & Billing details along with special order comments if any.

Read more about how your document may be printed by us. Utilities India(©) offers convenient shipping modes. Read the Frequently asked questions(FAQ) about this service. Your documents will be thoroughly screened as per our strict Screening Policy

As soon as we receive your order, we will dispatch it at the earliest. You will receive dispatch receipt as proof in your e-mail id.

Note: In case of any confusion in your order(with respect to printing), we will cancel it and issue FULL REFUND to you.

Indian post office too provides this facility of sending letter online electronically. Be ready to face bereaucratic hassles and waste lot of time and petrol.

Rs. 22.00
A maximum order of 50 is allowed.
Rs. 48.00
Our handling charges(includes 18% GST)
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