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Order Money Order in 5 Steps

Money Order Form

  1. Go to Post Office

    You can do money order from any post office in India, however you should prefer to go to a bigger post office as money order forms may not be available in smaller post offices. You should go between 10-12 am and between 2.45 pm - 4:45 pm. Even though the opening times of post offices are 9 am however they will open at 9.45 am usually and the staff disappears as early as 4.45pm.

  2. Buy the Money Order Form

    It costs only 25 Paisa but the post office personnel will not let you get away the form for anything less than Re 1.

  3. Fill the form

    Use the following guidelines to fill the form:

    • “PAY RUPEES”: Fill in the first line, the amount you’re sending in words, also fill the amount in numbers in the rectangular box in the right side of it.
    • “TO": write correctly the destination address. Don’t forget to fill in the pin code of the address. Just below it, write today’s date and sign at “Sender’s Signature”.
    • “M.O. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”: This is very important. Fill in your address. In case the money order could not be delivered then, it’ll be returned to you, & you’ll get full refund. If you’ve entered incorrect address, then this (returned) money could be lost. It has another use. It’ll be sent back to you once the Payee has received the amount and confirmed it by signing in the place of “Payee’s Signature”.
    • (Space for Communication) You can write information or message for the Payee to read, this will be retained by the Payee. You can write in any language you want.
  4. Fees

    Post office will charge fixed 5% of total amount sent. That means, if you send Rs. 1000 you’ll then have to pay Rs. 50 fees to the postal department

  5. Payment

    Only cash is acceptable at the post office. Please see that you can’t order money order for more than Rs. 5000 each time. Instead use Demand Draft to send money in India

  6. Where are can you send Money Order in India?

    You can send to any city/town/village. Whole of India is covered.

  7. Receipt

    You’ll be given a receipt - proof of your payment at the post office. Retain it since in case of issues with post office you’ll need to show them otherwise you’ll be helpless. You can save it as a proof of payment. In case address/Payee name alternation you’ll be needing this receipt(see below).

  8. Change of Payee’s address after issue of Money Order

    You can freely change the Payee’s address once. To do this, write a letter along with copy of your receipt, mentioning new Payee’s address.

  9. Change of Payee’s name after issue of Money Order

    This is can be done however you’ll need to pay the post office charges again, the same amount. Approach the post office with a letter and receipt.

  10. Stopping the Money Order after issue

    This is allowed. Only if it has not been delivered to the Payee. This is also free service by post office. You approach them with you receipt and a letter. Optionally for quick service you may want the post office to send a telegram of stoppage to the destination post office. However the postal charges of telegram will need to be borne by you. Please see that there is always a chance that the money order could be delivered to the Payee after your request is received by the post office.


Can a relative to the recipient mentioned in EMO receive money

If I send money to Mrs.X through electronic money order can Mr. X receive the same by showing his voter ID card? Is there a way to instruct to not to give the money order anyone except Mrs. X not her husband or children. Please help. I am in huge tension

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